Introducing The Cure Chronicles Podcast

Discover The Cure Chronicles Podcast Do you want to learn about HIV (and efforts to cure HIV) but can’t find the time? Our team has you covered with The Cure Chronicles (TCC) Podcast. By adapting our award-winning video series into a listenable podcast, we’ve made it easier than ever to understand the lives of people […]

The Geneva Patient: Another Case of HIV Remission

A new case of HIV remission may become the sixth example of an HIV cure. The 2020s have proven to be a remarkable decade for HIV cure advancements, with several significant cases. The Dusseldorf Patient has been declared cured, the New York Patient achieved remission through an innovative haplo-cord transplant, and the City of Hope […]

Perspectives on HIV: Viral Reservoirs

Why does HIV infect people for their entire lives? We encounter countless unique viruses every day without falling ill, so what sets HIV apart? Why does this virus cause a lifelong infection marked by constant medication and social stigma? To form a solution, we need to start by understanding the problem. By studying how HIV […]

Gene therapy for HIV: How does it work?

What is gene therapy and why is it useful for HIV infection? Gene therapy is a technique used by scientists and doctors to deliver medicinal genes to a patient’s cells. With today’s technological advancements, it is possible to identify the malfunctioning gene responsible for a given disease and then correct it using advanced genetic tools. […]

Gene Therapy and Lifeblood: Sickle Cell

Gene therapy has emerged as a logical approach for treating lifelong conditions, be it inherited disorders or persistent viral infections. When faced with a lifelong condition, would you rather take a lifetime of pills, or would you prefer living with modified versions of your own cells that can effectively manage the disease for you? Thanks […]

Challenge the narrative: HIV is a curable condition

If HIV is incurable, why have some people been cured? Under normal circumstances, exposure to HIV leads to infection, which inevitably leads to AIDS after years of virus-mediated destruction of the immune system. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and by studying these exceptions, researchers have successfully cured HIV infection on multiple occasions. […]

Our Sole Purpose Is to Cure HIV. We Are Addimmune™.

The HIV epidemic has raged for over four decades and to date, there is no widely available cure. However, in rare cases, people living with HIV have been cured. The first cure was declared in 2008, the second in 2019, and then two more in 2022 and another in 2023. These cases shatter the notion […]

Perspectives on HIV: Elite Controllers

Are some people resistant to HIV? Under normal circumstances, exposure to HIV leads to infection, which inevitably leads to AIDS after years of immune destruction by the virus. However, there are certain groups of people that  deviate from the norm: Non-progressors: People who are infected with HIV, but do not progress to more advanced stages […]

Perspectives on HIV: Evolving Treatments

HIV is a breakable mechanism. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is more fragile than you think. In fact, scientists have found multiple pharmaceuticals which can break the viral life cycle. HIV causes a lifelong infection that inevitably leads to AIDS, a potentially lethal condition, so the diversity of anti-HIV medications available provide a life-saving safety net […]

Why Hasn’t HIV Been Cured Yet?

The silent HIV epidemic has been ongoing for 4 decades. AIDS-related illnesses have claimed over 32 million lives since the beginning of the HIV epidemic in 1981. The death toll, societal impact, and economic effects of the HIV epidemic have made HIV/AIDS one of the greatest public health threats the world has ever known. Governments, […]