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About Addimmune

We Imagine a World Without HIV

Addimmune was founded in 2023 to pursue promising gene therapy technologies that treat and cure HIV.

Our revolutionary new gene therapy technology has the power to transform the lives of millions of people living with HIV.

The Power to Transform Millions of Lives

Our gene therapy technology is so effective because it allows us to “edit” a cell’s operating system, its DNA. By editing a cell’s DNA, we can insert or delete commands to change or improve the function of our cells.

Members of the Addimmune team

AGT103-T Success Deserves Sole Focus

This life-changing approach to HIV has been made possible by 15 years of pioneering research & development by American Gene Technologies (AGT™). AGT created Addimmune as a separate company in 2023.

Why a separate company? Because the Phase 1 clinical trial of AGT103-T (its gene therapy for HIV) was so successful that AGT decided the HIV cure program deserves to be the sole focus of one business.

Addimmune Was Formed to Advance a Phase 2 HIV Clinical Trial

The formation of Addimmune enables AGT to focus on its gene therapy research on diseases, like PKU and cancer. Today, Addimmune is an innovation engine designed to free the world from HIV.

Addimmune Leadership Team

Jeff G addimmune

Jeff Galvin

Founder and CEO

Jeff earned his BA degree in Economics from Harvard in 1981. He has more than 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience including founder or executive positions at a variety of...

Jeff Boyle - NEW

Jeff Boyle, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Jeff has over 25 years of research, development, and technical expertise with a deep understanding of biotechnology. Dr. Boyle has held multiple executive roles in the biotech and...

Marcus Conant - NEW

Marcus A. Conant, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Marcus is a physician who treated thousands of HIV patients in the early 80s while running the inpatient dermatology service at the University of California San Francisco.

Nick T addimmune

Nick Tressler, MBA

Chief Financial Officer 

Nick Tressler, MBA, is the Chief Financial Officer of American Gene Technologies®. Nick has more than 20 years of experience as a strategic financial executive...

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Andrew Miller, CPA

VP of Finance

Andrew has more than 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, strategy, raising capital, and corporate governance in both private companies and non-profit organizations.

Karen M addimmune

Karen McCord

Chief of Staff

Karen McCord has many years of experience building and leading teams in pharmaceutical drug and medical device development. She spent 25 years working in HIV prevention...

MicrosoftTeams-image (33)

Drew Palin, MD

Chief Business Officer

Drew is a bold healthcare entrepreneur with rare expertise encompassing clinical medicine, information technology, and medical devices. He is the founding CEO...

Dr. Barry Wells - 1_Gray

Barry Wells, MD

Head of Business Development

Barry H. Wells, M.D., has devoted his career to eliminating disease. After nearly four decades as a urologist and surgeon treating patients suffering ...

G Smith addimmune

Grant Smith

VP of Marketing and Communications 

Grant Smith is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Addimmune. He is an accomplished communications and marketing executive with a rich history...

Lola for web add v 2

Lola Liao, CPA

Director of HR & Admin

Lola is Director of Finance and Administration at Addimmune, where she oversees accounting and finance activities and reporting, including tax preparation, Maryland Innovation...


Chris Reid

Systems Development and IT

Chris leads the systems development team and IT department at Addimmune, managing the development, implementation and maintenance...

HIV Scientific Advisory Board

Robert Redfield - NEW

Robert R. Redfield, MD

Senior Advisor to the CEO

W. David Hardy - 1_Gray

W. David Hardy, MD, AAHIVS

Clinical Advisory Board

Charles Flexner

Charles William Flexner, MD

Clinical Advisory Board

Tommy Thompson - NEW

Tommy Thompson

Senior Advisor to the CEO


Michael Saag, MD

Member of Clinical Advisory Board

John Rossi - 1_Gray

John J. Rossi, PhD

Member of Clinical Advisory Board

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