Jeff Galvin

CEO of American Gene Technologies™ and its HIV-focused division, Addimmune ™

Jeff Galvin is a visionary biotech leader and entrepreneur committed to pioneering revolutionary gene and cell therapies. He is the founder and CEO of American Gene Technologies (AGT), a leading company focused on developing potential cures for infectious diseases, cancers, and rare genetic disorders. Galvin also established Addimmune, an AGT subsidiary dedicated entirely to pursuing a functional cure for HIV. 

Jeff graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Economics. His career began in Silicon Valley as a software engineer for Hewlett-Packard. From HP it was on to Apple, then Blyth Software, then Claris Software, then Argus Software. Galvin’s entrepreneurial spirit quickly emerged, leading him to establish various successful tech startups, even venturing into the medical technology space with a company later acquired by Varian, a prominent manufacturer of cancer therapy equipment. A stint as an angel investor, with interests in real estate and technology, further broadened his experience.

Jeff Galvin’s deep-seated desire to address profound medical challenges led him to found American Gene Technologies (AGT) in 2008. The promising results from the Phase 1a clinical trials of AGT’s HIV gene therapy project inspired him to launch an HIV-focused division called Addimmune in 2023. His unique background in economics, software, and entrepreneurship provided a fresh perspective on tackling complex medical challenges through gene and cell therapy innovation. This multidisciplinary approach, coupled with his unwavering commitment, has played a pivotal role in American Gene Technologies’ success, positioning AGT as a leader in its field.