April 5, 2024

Addimmune’s Dr. Marcus Conant, MD on CGTLive Discusses Gene Therapy for HIV Suppression


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Author: CGTlive Staff

Addimmune Summary

American Gene Technologies’ HIV division, Addimmune, is at the forefront of developing a gene therapy for HIV suppression called AGT103-T. This promising therapy utilizes lentivirus to deliver micro RNAs that prevent HIV from entering cells. The research is being led by Dr. Jerome Marcus, a world-renowned HIV/AIDS expert.

Early phase 1 trials have shown encouraging results, demonstrating the therapy’s efficacy and a positive safety profile. Based on these promising findings, researchers are planning a second study to investigate whether taking patients off antiretroviral therapy sooner can lead to a more substantial reduction in viral levels.

This groundbreaking gene therapy has the potential to revolutionize HIV treatment by offering a long-lasting solution for managing the virus. Stay tuned for updates on the ongoing research and development of AGT103-T by Addimmune!