April 2, 2024

Addimmune: Helping Power the Gene and Cell Therapy Revolution in Montgomery County


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Author: Shennekia Grimshaw

Addimmune Summary

Montgomery County, Maryland, is a dynamic hub for gene and cell therapy innovation, and American Gene Technologies (AGT) and its HIV division, Addimmune, are at the forefront of this medical revolution. AGT’s CEO, Jeff Galvin, recognizes Maryland’s exceptional support for biotechnology and the state’s deep expertise in viral vector technologies, making it an ideal location for groundbreaking research.

AGT and Addimmune are unlocking the potential of gene and cell therapies to address a broad spectrum of diseases, including cancer and chronic viral infections like HIV. The Addimmune HIV project demonstrates our commitment to pioneering healthcare solutions. As we master the ability to reprogram DNA, the possibilities for cures become boundless.

American Gene Technologies, with Addimmune at the helm of its HIV research, is committed to driving medical advancements within Montgomery County. Our work exemplifies the region’s leadership in healthcare, promising novel treatments and a brighter future for patients across the globe.

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