May 14, 2024

Multiple Treatment Interruptions and Protecting HIV-Specific CD4 T Cells Enable Durable CD8 T Cell Response and Viral Control


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Addimmune Summary

American Gene Technologies and its HIV division Addimmune conducted A study investigating the impact of AGT103-T treatment upon analytical treatment interruptions (ATIs) in HIV patients. AGT103-T, a cell and gene therapy product, was evaluated for its ability to enable durable CD8 T cell response and viral control.

The study involved multiple ATIs where patients suspended their antiretroviral therapy (ART) until specific viral load or CD4 count thresholds were met. Results showed that during ATIs, patients experienced viral rebound followed by a notable expansion in HIV-specific immune responses, including up to a five-fold increase in total CD8 counts.

A second ATI demonstrated that Gag-specific CD8 T cells were either maintained or increased in response to viral rebound, leading to substantially decreased peak viremia. All participants achieved viral control more rapidly than during the first ATI upon resuming ART, with stable CD4 counts and no serious adverse events or evidence of drug resistance. The study concluded that AGT103-T gene therapy combined with multiple ATIs is a safe and effective approach for achieving viral control in HIV patients.

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