June 5, 2024

Marcus Conant, MD, on More Research Needed With HIV Therapies


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Author: CGTlive Staff

Addimmune Summary

Recent research published in Frontiers in Medicine highlights promising results from a gene therapy trial for HIV. AGT103-T, developed by our subsidiary Addimmune, was well-tolerated and demonstrated viral control in people with HIV when combined with multiple treatment interruptions.

This innovative approach offers hope for those living with HIV, especially considering the unmet need for novel treatments. We’re proud to be at the forefront of developing solutions for this global health challenge.

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To get the full story and hear directly from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Marcus Conant, about this groundbreaking research and our broader pipeline of HIV therapies, watch the video on CGTLive®. We’re committed to advancing the fight against HIV and improving the lives of those affected.