December 20, 2023

Sharetreck: Dr. Jeff Boyle, CSO – AGT talks about the current state of play of AGT 103-T

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Addimmune Summary

The video discusses AGT 103-T, which is being developed by Addimmune, the HIV division of American Gene Technologies. AGT 103-T is designed to target HIV-1, the most common strain of HIV, by using CD4+T cells. CD4+T cells are a type of white blood cell that helps the immune system fight off infection. AGT 103-T works by taking CD4+T cells from a patient, activating them, and then genetically modifying them to resist HIV infection. The modified cells are then infused back into the patient, where they can help to control the virus.

The video also discusses the current state of development of AGT 103-T. The company is currently in pre Phase 1b of clinical trials. The goal of this phase is to determine the optimal timing for taking patients off their current HIV medications before infusing them with AGT 103-T cells. The video also highlights the challenges of recruiting patients for clinical trials and the importance of finding highly motivated individuals who are willing to commit to the time and effort required.