November 14, 2022

Safety and durability of AGT103-T autologous T cell therapy for HIV infection in a Phase 1 trial


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Author: Mohammad A. Sherwani

Addimmune Summary

This scientific publication in Frontiers in Medicine explores advancements in HIV gene therapy development, with a specific emphasis on the role of lentiviral vectors. As Addimmune, the HIV division of American Gene Technologies, we are closely following research in this field as it significantly informs our own work.

The article highlights the potential of lentiviral vectors as a delivery mechanism for delivering gene-editing tools to immune cells. This approach has the potential to create HIV-resistant cells that can fight the virus directly. Addimmune’s own HIV gene therapy utilizes a similar mechanism, underscoring its scientific relevance.

While there are challenges, as the article discusses, the overall findings emphasize the growing promise of lentiviral vectors within HIV gene therapy research. Addimmune is encouraged by this progress, which reinforces our belief that gene therapy may hold the key to a functional cure for HIV. We’re committed to advancing our clinical trials and staying at the forefront of scientific innovation in this space.