November 27, 2023

Rockville biotech company aims to cure HIV

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Addimmune Summary

At Addimmune, we are excited to see this article highlighting the progress being made in the fight against HIV. As the article mentions, Addimmune, the HIV division of American Gene Technologies, is at the forefront of developing a gene and cell therapy to cure HIV.

Our therapy focuses on modifying HIV-infected CD4 T cells to prevent HIV from infecting healthy cells and stop the virus from replicating. This approach aligns with the research discussed in the article, which emphasizes the potential of gene therapy for HIV treatment.

The article also details the successful Phase 1 clinical trial of our single-infusion HIV gene therapy, AGT103-T. This trial demonstrated the therapy’s safety and ability to induce an immune response in all participants. These findings are encouraging and pave the way for further clinical development.

As mentioned in the article, Addimmune is currently seeking FDA approval to begin a Phase 2 clinical trial. We are confident that our innovative gene therapy has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of HIV, and we are committed to bringing this cure to patients as soon as possible.