May 3, 2020

Preclinical Development and Clinical-Scale Manufacturing of HIV Gag-Specific, LentivirusModified CD4 T Cells for HIV Functional Cure


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Cell Press
Author: C. David Pauza

Addimmune Summary

This scientific publication in Molecular Therapy Methods presents detailed improvements for the production of lentiviral vectors. Such vectors are crucial tools in several gene therapy applications, including our work at Addimmune, the HIV division of American Gene Technologies.

The article specifically focuses on optimizing the production of these vectors for enhanced safety and efficiency. As we develop our own HIV gene therapy, these refined protocols hold significant value. Improved vector production could translate to improved efficacy, safety, and scalability of our treatment.

Addimmune is committed to leveraging the latest scientific findings to enhance the potential of our gene therapy. The advancements highlighted in this publication are encouraging for the field of gene therapy as a whole, and their adoption could bolster our efforts to develop a breakthrough HIV cure.