October 25, 2023

Multiple Treatment Interruptions and Protecting HIV-Specific CD4 T-Cells Enables Durable CTL Response and Viral Control


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Author: medRxiv

Addimmune Summary

This publication on medRxiv presents exciting data regarding the potential of our gene therapy, AGT-103, in treating HIV. The study examined the effects of strategic ART interruptions in combination with AGT-103 treatment, offering valuable insights into optimizing treatment efficacy.

The findings demonstrate that a combined approach involving AGT-103 and strategically timed ART interruptions may lead to enhanced immune responses against HIV. During ART interruptions, while a temporary increase in viral load was expected, it was followed by a subsequent decrease. Most importantly, there was a significant increase in HIV-specific CD8 T cells, critical immune players. This boost in cell-mediated immunity aligns with the primary goal of AGT-103, which engineers a patient’s T cells to both resist HIV infection and destroy infected cells.

These results strengthen our confidence in the potential of AGT-103 to induce long-term viral suppression and offer a possible functional cure for HIV. We are committed to further research and the development of this groundbreaking therapy, and this valuable data brings us closer to making our vision of an HIV cure a reality.