November 22, 2023

BioBuzz: How Two Former IT Industry Professionals Found Their Calling as Gene Therapy CEOs

Jeff Galvin with BioBuzz

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Addimmune Summary

At Addimmune, a division of American Gene Technologies dedicated to developing a cure for HIV using gene therapy, we are inspired by the stories of Jeff Galvin and Terry Pirovolakis, highlighted in this article. The article explores the career paths of these two CEOs who successfully transitioned from the IT industry to lead gene therapy companies, even without the traditional prerequisites of a PhD, MD, or MBA.

These stories resonate with us at Addimmune because they underscore the importance of passion and drive in scientific leadership. While a strong academic background is valuable, a genuine enthusiasm for the field and a relentless determination to make a difference can be equally important. At Addimmune, we believe that our team’s diverse backgrounds and unwavering commitment to a cure for HIV are key ingredients in our quest to revolutionize HIV treatment.