August 16, 2023

Around the Helix: Cell and Gene Therapy Company Updates – August 16, 2023

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Addimmune Summary

This article provides an overview of recent news and developments in the fast-paced cell and gene therapy industry. Addimmune, the HIV division of American Gene Technologies, is delighted to be featured alongside other innovative companies pushing the boundaries of treatment for various diseases.

The article specifically highlights our ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial for our HIV gene therapy, AGT103-T. This trial is a crucial step in our journey towards developing a long-lasting solution for HIV. We’re excited to be part of the growing momentum in the field of gene therapies, where numerous companies across the industry are driving progress towards novel treatments and potential cures.

At Addimmune, we remain committed to making a significant contribution to this field. We are continuously inspired by the potential of our gene therapy to significantly improve the lives of people living with HIV.