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Kathy Fowler

Director of Marketing

Kathy Fowler spearheads Addimmune public relations and marketing strategy, building support for its clinical, business and development goals. She is a masterful storyteller with an award-winning ability to simplify complicated medical topics and tell compelling human interest stories.

Those talents earned her a National Emmy Award and Edward R. Murrow Award, plus several Associated Press awards and several nominations for local Emmys, while she was a medical reporter at Washington, D.C.’s ABC affiliate WJLA-TV; WJZ-TV in Baltimore, Maryland; NBC-17 in Raleigh, N.C.; and WBNS in Columbus, Ohio.

Kathy’s keen ear for the heart of a story is critical to Addimmune's ability to keep key audiences informed and engaged about the company’s pioneering biotech research, clinical trial progress, and vision for using the power of gene therapy to relieve human suffering.

Addimmune on Social Media:


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